Monday, June 8, 2015

final questions

1. My strengths would have to be me wanting to do the projects even though sometimes it seems like I can't

2. I think I have both grown as an artist/photographer

3. My favorite project would have to be the scavenger hunt or the theme project. The scavenger hunt because I liked having a very vague idea of what to photograph and I had to make my own vision of what I thought the word was conveying to me, which goes hand in hand with the theme project idea of having a vague topic and just photographing what you think it is.

The only other project I really liked was not really a project but we just did it. The cell phone dark room project. I always liked working in the dark room and wish we had a class devoted to photography involving the dark room

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


"Having a tear gas of a time!" ("rubber bullets" 10cc)

"flames of love" ("the flames of love" Smokey Bennet and The Hoops ((payday 2)))